Louis Ontiveros


Beginning March 14, 2022, masking will no longer be required indoors at all Southwest Mountain States Carpenters Training Fund locations. This includes classrooms, shop floors, offices, and our lobbies. Re-enforcement of the mask policy may be required in certain circumstances, like in the event of an outbreak at a facility. This update may be subject to change without prior notice.

SWMSCTF Entry Check and Perimeter Control

At this time, the SWMSCTF will no longer require proof of a negative test for entry, but perimeter controls will continue to remain as well as our current check-in process. The perimeter controls and check-in assist in verifying vaccination status or a recent positive test result. We will require you to complete your wellness check every day you enter a facility. Re-enforcement of the entry policy may be required in certain circumstances, like in the event of an outbreak at a facility. These updates may be subject to change without prior notice

Continued Commitment to Safety

Although we are following the CDC and the Department of Public Health in removing masking as a requirement, we want to be clear that masks will continue to be welcome at our facilities for those who wish to continue taking extra precautions. Although masking is no longer required indoors, it remains strongly recommended and provides a high level of personal protection to those concerned about their risk or risk to those around them.

We continue to encourage those to stay home while sick and encourage them to get tested to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Risk Reduction - Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene remains strongly recommended as an ongoing infection prevention measure.

We sincerely appreciate all the acts of support you have shown and the consideration you have given to all who have labored these long two years to keep our facilities safe. While this announcement will be welcome news for many, we recognize that loosening restrictions may trigger anxieties for some. You have our deeply felt gratitude for continuing to show kindness toward one another as we begin this transition.

Stay safe and well.


Louis Ontiveros
Executive Director