Louis Ontiveros

Vaccination Policy

All members participating in training or conducting business with the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund (SWCTF) must maintain and provide to their training center their COVID-19 vaccination card. Please note that members should not provide proof of vaccination that includes any genetic or other medical information. Any documentation received by a member will be kept confidential to the extent required by law.

“Fully vaccinated” means the following:

  • Documentation that, at least 14 days prior, either a member obtaining a second dose in a two- dose vaccine or a single vaccine.

  • The vaccines must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) (or receive approval through the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization)

  • For persons outside the country, the vaccine must be listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization

Non-Vaccinated Policy or "Incompletely Vaccinated"

A member who does not provide proof that they have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by September 20, 2021, can still enter a Training Fund facility but will be subject to the following. Those who are not vaccinated must provide the Training Fund with a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to a Monday they wish to enter a Training Fund facility and another negative COVID-19 test prior to a Wednesday they wish to enter a Training Fund facility. The same 48 hours requirement will apply to all

other days of the week. All such test results must be provided in an electronic format from the provider. The documentation must include:

  1. Type of test (indicating it is a NAAT or antigen test)
  2. Entity issuing the result (e.g. laboratory, healthcare entity)
  3. Specimen collection date. A negative test result must show the specimen was collected within the timeframe stated above.
  4. Information that identifies the person (full name plus at least one other identifier such as date of birth)
  5. Test Result

The Training Fund will not discriminate against members based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older or any other classification protected by law. The Training Fund will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30.

Members will also adhere to the Zero-Tolerance mask policy that is in place at all training centers.

These policies may be subject to change without prior notice.


Louis Ontiveros
Executive Director